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Friday 13th bowling

Friday the 13th. A day to avoid troubles. So, once again, to make sure there were no troubles at work we all took the afternoon off for the annual lawn bowls challenge.

Colours’ second annual Friday 13th Lawn Bowls challenge

Everyone started really early and everyone knocked off at 2pm – to go bowling, across the road at the Marrickville Bowling Club.

The usual high-cholesterol range of snacks was provided by Julie, the bar was opened for all, and the competition started after a quick lesson in the correct protocols of lawn bowls, which was duly ignored by all. This year, we had almost equal numbers of Colours and Konica Minolta staff – the competition was intense and the challenge was on.

I know I left the ball here, somewhere

Uh… great shot?

Not now, Vik… come back tomorrow.

Is Shakespeare still on the member’s list?

Anxious moments, waiting for the announcement of the winners

Three hours later, after a tense play-off, we had a champion – a new Colours’ staffer, Malcolm (who had never played bowls before) took home the 2013 Colours Lawn Bowls trophy.

Matt Hunter and Sean Crichton-Browne, on the Konica-Minolta team, came in close runners-up.

Nerida’s performance was also noteworthy. She was acknowledged as (a) the only female present; (b) the official photographer; (c) the best-accessorised player on the bowling green; and (d) the only one who had to excuse herself three times to go back to work and complete a job.

A truly enjoyable afternoon – despite the threat of rain. It was unfortunate that several people could not make it due to prior commitments. Dave Procter, particularly, was noticeable by his absence, but his credit card was still welcomed by all.

Many of us stayed well after dark, playing snooker, talking, drinking, reminiscing about the year gone past and planning the year to come.

Our thanks go to Konica-Minolta for picking up the bar-tab; and to Ricky, for organising the event. We are all looking forward to the next Black Friday Bowls Day – 13th December 2013 – and then again in June 2014.


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