This has nothing to do with a phoenix…

Blue smoke rising from burning ashes

Forgive me world — it has been seven long years since my last post!  Forget seven long years. Seven short days ago, LinkedIn so kindly reminded me that it was the anniversary of Colours starting in business – 47 years ago. This was a stark reminder of how quickly time passes when you spend your […]

A change is in the wind…

Colours is joining with another premier digital printing company in Sydney, Vertifix Australia, and moving all production to premises in Pyrmont, Sydney.

Oh, so slow!

Is it just me, or have all my computers, and particularly all their internet connections, started going slower and slower and slower?

Friday 13th bowling

Friday the 13th. A day to avoid troubles. So, once again, to make sure there were no troubles at work we all took the afternoon off for the annual lawn bowls challenge.

WOW! Gold! Again!

The 2013 National Print Awards ceremony in Melbourne last Friday night brought more amazing news. Colours won another gold medal – in recognition of our expertise and experience in digital printing and book-printing.

Printers are often the most eco•friendly people

The greatest irony of Google’s Paperless 2013 campaign is that the people who are involved in producing real, physical materials are often far more eco-conscious than those who work only in the digital cloud.

WOW! Gold!

The 2012 NSW Printing Industries Craftsmanship Award Dinner last night brought some amazing news. Colours won a gold medal – in recognition of our expertise and experience in digital printing and book-printing.

The Emperor’s new workstation

In a recent post, I drooled over Wacom’s latest multi-touch graphics tablet. Now I have found a workstation worthy to house the tablet. The Emperor 200, from MWE Lab, boasts luxury, sophistication and ergonomic comfort without compromise.

And thus we dream

If you are in need of a reminder that the world is indeed beautiful, look no further than this amazing time lapse video put together by photographer Knate Myers.

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