Barefoot bowling

A Crackerjack afternoon of bowling Friday the 13th. A day to avoid troubles. So what better way to make sure there are no troubles at work than to take the afternoon off? That’s just what the whole team did on Friday afternoon. Everyone started really early and everyone knocked off at 2pm – to go […]

Any publicity is good publicity

They say that any publicity is good for business Recently, Konica Minolta did a case study of Pure Colours as a user of their BizHub range of digital printing presses. I assumed that not many of our customers would see it on the KM website, so I have copied it below. Embarrassing as it may […]

The new industry pin-up

Maybe not a cover-model? While I was overseas last month, an article appeared in Print21 Magazine featuring Pure Colours. It focussed on a part of our distant history – our recovery from a fire that devastated our business in 1998. I guess the editors felt the need to have a “feel-good” article. The embarrassing aspect […]

Mobile web-sites – validated and optimized?

Mobile web-sites need even more care and consideration in their design and implementation than standard web-sites. We are proud to say that our own new, but growing, mobile web-site ticks all the boxes for mobile optimisation. We have tested our mobile web-site, using Google’s GoMo engine – and the results were excellent – as you […]

New Colours for Colours

At last – the Colours offices and factory have a new coat of paint. [image width=”600″ height=”362″]/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Colours_building_new_paint.png[/image]We waited almost twelve months for it to happen. And finally we have a new coat of paint on the building – a duotone of beige and brown. Although the colours may not be complementary to our logo colours […]

QR codes and mobile mini-sites

Quick Response (QR) codes provide a whole new means of attracting and engaging potential customers. To read a QR (or 2D) code, you will need to have a QR reader on your smart-phone (if you haven’t already got one). I suggest these ones… For iPhone – visit (I find this app to be the […]

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