WOW! Gold! Again!

The 2013 National Print Awards ceremony in Melbourne last Friday night brought more amazing news. Colours won another gold medal – in recognition of our expertise and experience in digital printing and book-printing.

Printers are often the most eco•friendly people

The greatest irony of Google’s Paperless 2013 campaign is that the people who are involved in producing real, physical materials are often far more eco-conscious than those who work only in the digital cloud.

WOW! Gold!

The 2012 NSW Printing Industries Craftsmanship Award Dinner last night brought some amazing news. Colours won a gold medal – in recognition of our expertise and experience in digital printing and book-printing.

DRUPA summary

Now that I have had the chance to recover from the DRUPA experience, perhaps two main concepts stand out. I have already been espousing my thoughts about these concepts to colleagues and friends, but it is encouraging that others have come away with the same impressions.

DRUPA diary – day four

Day Four – Sunday More rain and a lack of buses on a Sunday morning meant a brisk 20 minute walk to the Hauptbahnhopf. At least I remembered to wear a heavier coat, so my teeth and face felt normal when I arrived at the Messe. As I did on Friday, I arrived early. But […]

DRUPA diary – day three

Day Three – Saturday Rain, rain, rain… the first bad weather we encountered in Europe in two weeks. And the temperature plummeted to below 15°C. Such sudden cold that my teeth ached and I could feel the skin on my face stretching. This resulted in a late start – I didn’t arrive until 11am, one […]

DRUPA diary – day two

Day Two – Friday Nano-technology… the words on everyone’s lips… [image title=”Landa_S7″ width=”600″ height=”338″][/image] The “Landa Nanoprinting” performance was the starter for today. And boy, oh boy… no expense was spared anywhere. Every attendee received a black (admittedly vinyl) portmanteau (fancy word for “bag”) with printed product material inside (not printed on a Landa press, […]

DRUPA diary – day one

Day One – Thursday It’s huge… 19 halls; more than 200,000 square metres of exhibition space; over 30 hectares; almost a kilometre from one end to the other… [image title=”DRUPA_Map” width=”600″ height=”336″][/image] As might be anticipated (especially after all the press coverage that it appears I have been getting on the cover of Print21), I […]

Digital vs Offset – do questions still remain?

Heidi Tolliver-Walker is an industry analyst specializing in digital, one-to-one, personalized URL, and Web-to-print applications. Recently, in her blogs at Digital Nirvana, Heidi has addressed several of the issues that both printers and print-buyers still perceive as differences between digital and offset printing. Critical Visual Differences Between Digital and Offset Print Digital quality is not […]

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