Can printing be sexy?

Recently, a focus of my reading and writing has been the dismal image that the Australian printing industry paints of itself.

DRUPA summary

Now that I have had the chance to recover from the DRUPA experience, perhaps two main concepts stand out. I have already been espousing my thoughts about these concepts to colleagues and friends, but it is encouraging that others have come away with the same impressions.

DRUPA diary – day four

Day Four – Sunday More rain and a lack of buses on a Sunday morning meant a brisk 20 minute walk to the Hauptbahnhopf. At least I remembered to wear a heavier coat, so my teeth and face felt normal when I arrived at the Messe. As I did on Friday, I arrived early. But […]

DRUPA diary – day three

Day Three – Saturday Rain, rain, rain… the first bad weather we encountered in Europe in two weeks. And the temperature plummeted to below 15°C. Such sudden cold that my teeth ached and I could feel the skin on my face stretching. This resulted in a late start – I didn’t arrive until 11am, one […]

DRUPA diary – day two

Day Two – Friday Nano-technology… the words on everyone’s lips… [image title=”Landa_S7″ width=”600″ height=”338″][/image] The “Landa Nanoprinting” performance was the starter for today. And boy, oh boy… no expense was spared anywhere. Every attendee received a black (admittedly vinyl) portmanteau (fancy word for “bag”) with printed product material inside (not printed on a Landa press, […]

DRUPA diary – day one

Day One – Thursday It’s huge… 19 halls; more than 200,000 square metres of exhibition space; over 30 hectares; almost a kilometre from one end to the other… [image title=”DRUPA_Map” width=”600″ height=”336″][/image] As might be anticipated (especially after all the press coverage that it appears I have been getting on the cover of Print21), I […]

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