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Christmas is upon us… at last!

Every year we reach Christmas time and say “the last 12 months have gone past faster than ever”. And 2007 is no exception.

Although we have been busier than ever before in the last few weeks, and the days seem to have gone on and on forever, it only seems like yesterday that we were celebrating the start of 2007. The year has certainly gone by quickly, and a great deal of change has occurred for Colours.

To celebrate both the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year, all the staff and their partners (including Darren, who hasn’t officially started yet) took part in a dinner cruise on Sydney Harbour last night. The weather was calm and the harbour breeze was relaxing as we feasted on a three-course spread and were entertained for four hours by a talented magician, a comedian and a DJ.

The highlight – Nerida got the opportunity to make her debut as a magician’s assistant and wowed the crowd with her accounting acumen.

The unlimited alcohol also seemed to have a certain appeal!

rhythmboat.JPG  magician.JPG


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