Extra staff to ease the burden

If it wasn’t already obvious from the increasing workload, Danny’s resignation at Christmas made it clear that we need more man-power.

In the last few months, we have appointed three new members to our team – Lal Sharma, Lindsay Treloyn and Hue Nguyen.

Lal is working in finishing, and comes to us most recently from Aviva Print. His duties include all aspects of print finishing – guillotining, scoring, folding, stitching, laminating etc. He is a quiet person and very hard-working. Already things are running so much more smoothly since his arrival.

Lindsay is a Pre-press operator who used to work for Adcraft before that company changed hands. His appointment has significantly added to our pre-press capacity and he is anxiously awaiting the move into the new premises, where we will have new Macs and PCs for him to work with. Lindsay is a recent “father-to-be” and we are all looking forward to the big event.

Hue used to work for Xerox, in a busy print-room in the city. However, when he started here as a digital print operator, he couldn’t believe how busy we were in comparison. Although it took him some time to get used to the demands of colour-matching, the variety of jobs and the rapid turnaround, he is now fully up-to-speed and churning work out of our three digital presses.

Welcome to the team guys – it’s great to have the extra pairs of hands!

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