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Larger sheet sizes now possible…

With the acquisition of a new, high-speed digital press, Colours can now offer products previously not available from digital print providers… at fantastic prices.

6-page A4 brochures; 8-page A4 gatefold brochures; 10- and 12-page DL flyers; A4 landscape saddle-stitched booklets…. previously these were not possible to print digitally, as the sheet size required is beyond the capability of almost all machines. Most digital presses are restricted to printing on SRA3 sheets (320 x 450mm) or at most 13″ x 19″ (332 x 483mm) sheets. Some, like the Xerox Igen, can print on sheet sizes up to 360 x 510mm – but this is still not large enough for such jobs. Perhaps the multi-million dollar Xeikon presses are the only machines capable of doing such jobs – but at (understandably) very high prices.

Now, Colours can print such products (and more) with exactly the same high quality on exactly the same paper stocks as are used for all our other products – with exactly the same affordable prices as for any other job.

How? Well, for now, that’s our secret. Give us a call to get a quote. Ask for samples, if you need to be convinced.

We are sure you’ll be impressed.


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