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Mobile web-sites – validated and optimized?

Mobile web-sites need even more care and consideration in their design and implementation than standard web-sites. We are proud to say that our own new, but growing, mobile web-site ticks all the boxes for mobile optimisation.

We have tested our mobile web-site, using Google’s GoMo engine – and the results were excellent – as you can see…

[image height=”411″ width=”600″][/image]

We have also tested it using the World Wide Web Consortium’s [W3C] mobile validator, and it has scored very well there, too.

[image height=”235″ width=”600″][/image]

[two_third]And finally it has been confirmed, again by the W3C validator, that all the code is valid XHTML 1.1. [/two_third]
Valid XHTML 1.1[/one_third_last]
Validation and optimization are extremely significant issues to consider when designing mobile web-sites. The user experience should be friendly, fast and informative.



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    1. Hi Bethany
      I appreciate the positive response. I have only just opened my blog to comments. I am trying to write more relevant and useful information each time, rather than just keeping a diary of my company’s activities. Let me know if I succeed.

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