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Oh no! Not more equipment?

When will it end? Not till we have used up every last square metre of space!

After looking at all the industry offerings at the recent Printex Exhibition at Darling Harbour in Sydney, Colours has invested in yet more printing equipment.

Supplementing our Epson wide-format printers is a new HP Z6100 printer, that allows us to more than double our productivity. With blazingly fast output and the ability to print on a wider range of materials, including backlit film, canvas and vinyl, the HP Z6100 will allow our customers to benefit from greater quality at even more economical prices.

And to allow us to keep up with the demand for digitally printed materials, a new Konica Minolta C6500 BizHub has joined our well-used KM C500 Bizhub printer. The new C6500 is faster and has greater accuracy of registration, as well as allowing us to print on a much wider variety of paper stocks, up to and beyond 300gsm. But, it is the first piece of equipment we have acquired that does not blend with our interior colour scheme, as you can see… all dull gun-metal grey!

C6500 bigger

Where are we putting all this equipment? Well, with a little shuffling and adjustment of the layout of the factory we have managed to get all these pieces in, and placed them in usable positions. But there’s not much room for anything else!


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