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Our QMDI arrives…

The installation of Colours’ Heidelberg QMDI went off without a hitch.

It was 5am, Tuesday 3rd October. Rain had just started to fall. And a 10 tonne truck pulled up in May Street, St Peters, carrying our QMDI.

Because the laneway is so narrow, the press was offloaded in May Street and carried around the block to our rolladoor entrance. From there, everything went like clockwork. Within 2 hours all the components had been delivered and the Heidelberg technicians began the task of settling in and assembling the press.

Twenty-four hours later, the job was finished, with only a few minor problems:

  • A small hole was gouged out of the concrete as the 4-tonne central component was wheeled over a “soft spot” in the floor!
  • Two pistons associated with the air compressor failed and had to be replaced.
  • Our electrician was late, and final testing had to be postponed for another 24 hours.

The QMDI is almost fully operational, and will soon be brought into production, after training and testing procedures are complete, by mid October.

We look forward to offering our clients a high quality, fast-turnaround service for short run printing.

QMDI install - 2.JPG QMDI install - 3a.JPG

QMDI install - 4.JPG QMDI install - 5a.JPG

The hole.JPG QMDI install - 6.JPG

QMDI install - 7.JPG Training.JPG

First job.JPG


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