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Power outage causes only minor disruption

At 9.45am today, after a motor vehicle accident a few kilometres away, all the power supply to St Peters and surrounding suburbs was cut. When the lights and the air-conditioning, all the computers, presses and processors suddenly stopped it was quite frightening.

Energy Australia estimated a 4 hour disruption to the service, so we settled down in the sunshine outside to wait.

Fortunately the power was restored at around 11.30am, but it was a further hour before all machinery, the servers, processors amd presses were back on line.

No data were lost as all files are saved onto our secure server at regular intervals and network-wide backups are performed every 24 hours. Several clients were frustrated by not being able to contact us, as the phone system was not operational, but no jobs were interrupted and we were all back in the swing of things by lunchtime.

An interesting interruption to our usual routine!


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