Colour-Accurate Proofing


ISO standard 12647-7 specifies the international standard for colour management of contract proofs for the printing industry. All our proofs are matched to this standard so you can rest assured that the colour of your finished job (no matter if it is printed offset, digitally or wide format) will be both consistent and accurate.

Our proofs are printed on an Epson 7900, 10-colour inkjet printer, onto approved stock, using a Colorgate RIP. Full A1 size proofs can be printed

We can supply:

  • coated proofs – these comply with ISO 12647-7 and are printed using either an “ISOCoated_v2_eci” profile or the more recent (2016) “PSO_coated_v3_FOGRA51” profile, onto either a gloss or a satin stock; or
  • uncoated proofs – these also comply with ISO 12647-7 and are printed using the latest “PSO_uncoated_v3_FOGRA52” profile onto a matt stock; or
  • newsprint proofs – these also comply with ISO 12647-7 but are printed using an “ISONewspaper26v4.icc” profile onto newspaper stock

These are fully verified, contract proofs that are analysed with a spectro-photometer, and bear a label summarising the results of the analysis, and verifying their compliance to the relevant ISO standard. They are equivalent to the now superseded 3DAP proofs.

You can choose to save cost, and not have us analyse and verify the prints, but these would not qualify as contract proofs.

3DAP v3 Proofs

3DAP (Digital Data Delivery for Australian Publications) was an industry group committee that was formed in 2006 to address the needs of a totally digital production environment for the magazine publishing industry, in particular the workflow required for computer-to-plate.

With the advent of stricter proofing standards in recent years, monitored by such international organisations as ISO, ICC, FOGRA and ECI, and now adopted by the Australian print industry, 3DAP requirements have been superseded by ISO 12647-7 Contract Proof standards.

Vendors who supply contract proofs (like Colours) are required not only to regularly maintain their compliance with the standards, but also (as was the case with 3DAP proofing) to issue a verification certificate with each proof.

Contract proofs must bear the relevant Media Control Wedge, which is checked by spectro-photometric readings against reference measurements established by FOGRA, and an evaluation report must be printed on or affixed to the proof.

Further information

Forschungsgesellschaft für Druck- und Reproduktionstechnik (FOGRA)
Research Association for Printing and Graphic Technology

International Colour Consortium (ICC)

European Color Initiative (ECI)

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

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