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The following article about our new c8000 digital press appeared in several on-line industry publications this week.
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Sydney-based print shop Pure Colours Digital Imaging has become the first print provider in Australia to install Konica Minolta’s new bizhub Press C8000. The company claims the installation has doubled its capacity, streamlined its business operations and increased efficiencies.

The bizhub Press C8000 was unveiled in August 2010 as part of Konica Minolta’s ambitious target to gain a fifty per cent market share in the mid range production market by the end of 2011.
John Maclulich, principal of Pure Colours says the decision to install the C8000 came down to the fact that the machine represented the biggest “bang for buck”, and he’s confident that it will prove to be a good investment.

He says, “From day one I’ve been very impressed by the professional service and rapid response time from Konica Minolta.”

Maclulich adds, “My favourite features of the machine include its accuracy of registration, both sheet to sheet and front to back. I like the flatness of the sheet, the proprietary de-curling system and the speed – plus, we are now printing up to 350 GSM.”

David Procter, Konica Minolta’s national group manager production printing says, “As our clients’ businesses have expanded and volumes have increased, they are making the move into the mid market range. With the bizhub Press C8000, we’ll continue working alongside them in the journey and supporting their growth.”

Although Pure Colours have embraced digital technology, they remain true to their pre-press roots, which put them at a competitive advantage to many other print solution providers.

Maclulich says, “We’ve come from a purely pre-press origin. From the time that we acquired print capacity in the 1980s, we’ve maintained a full pre-press studio. We have skills in colour management, which other printers often rely on us to provide.

“Just like offset printing companies, we always produce a commercial proof to ISO standards before a job goes to the digital presses, which certainly helps guarantee colour accuracy. Our operators will then tweak the colour on press, to match each proof.”


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