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QR codes and mobile mini-sites

Quick Response (QR) codes provide a whole new means of attracting and engaging potential customers.

To read a QR (or 2D) code, you will need to have a QR reader on your smart-phone (if you haven’t already got one). I suggest these ones…

For iPhone – visit (I find this app to be the most sensitive and easy to use)

For other platforms, visit with your phone’s web browser. Your phone model will be detected automatically.

These software apps are really easy to use: you literally just point your phone’s camera at the printed code, or even at your computer screen – and voilá.

If you have configured the app, it will open your mobile browser and take you directly to the web-site.
[image width=”400″ height=”248″]/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/How-to-scan-QR_v2.png[/image]

[image width=”200″ height=”200″]/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Colours_ministe_QR_code.png[/image]
QR codes do not have to be boring black-and-white dots on the page. With a little bit of imagination and a fair bit of experimentation, they can become a true design-element – as our own demonstrates.

QR codes are not only part of Colours’ own web-site marketing, but we are also offering a QR code design service. Call us to discuss your needs and to see more examples.

Try scanning the code, at left.


Too much emphasis can be given to the QR code itself. After all, it is merely a gateway to a web-site. The web-site landing page to which you are sent – the mini-site – should be optimized for mobile viewing. Once the visitor arrives, the mini-site should offer useful information that is perhaps not on the main web-site, or a call-to-action that will get them involved and turn them into a customer.

We hope we have made a good start building Colours’ own mini-web-site. Please let us know what you think.

FOOTNOTE: We have tested our mobile web-site, using Google’s GoMo engine – and the results were excellent – as you can see…


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