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This has nothing to do with a phoenix…

Blue smoke rising from burning ashes

Forgive me world — it has been seven long years since my last post! 

Forget seven long years. Seven short days ago, LinkedIn so kindly reminded me that it was the anniversary of Colours starting in business – 47 years ago. This was a stark reminder of how quickly time passes when you spend your days doing what you enjoy. They say it is never “work” when you love doing it; it becomes a way of life (oh, what a corny line that is – but I assure you it is actually true).

This subtle reminder by LinkedIn gave me the impetus to start writing again – and try to revive the Colours’ blog posts..

So, where has Colours been for the last seven years? Did it pass into oblivion? Hardly. Has it now risen from the ashes? No – it has always been here, just silently toiling away in the background. So why has it not been pushing it’s barrow down the main street and letting everyone know what has been happening? 

I can’t blame COVID – although that didn’t help when things became very competitive. 

I can’t blame my health – although every day I still feel the after-effects of my accident 13 years ago ( 

I can’t blame the fact that I am 47 years older than when I started up in business – although I cannot deny that I am feeling my age and often run out of stamina earlier in the day than I used to. 

All I can blame is my own introversion. And the fact that I have been so busy that I simply have not had time, inclination or need to indulge in any form of self promotion.

Since moving to a home office in 2018, I have never been busier. Pre-press, graphic design, colour proofing, poster-printing, photography, retouching, web design, database development, project management, business consulting… have kept me going, often 24/7 to my family’s dismay.

Through it all I have never stopped learning. Perhaps to my detriment, my interests and attention have been drawn in so many directions. Nevertheless, Colours has benefitted from this, as I have been able to add several new and varied offerings to our traditional stable of printing services.

If all goes to plan, I will try to write a little more about some of these new activities. I hope you keep coming back here, as something tries to rise from the ashes. And I hope that if and when I do write more, I can avoid using as many cliches as I have put into these few paragraphs.


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