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VOIP activated

VOIP is a reality at Colours. All outgoing telephone calls are now routed through our VOIP connection.

Using NetComm V85 handsets that simply plug in to our existing high-speed network cabling, we are now able to make all outgoing calls to anywhere in Australia or overseas for a fraction of the cost of using our old PSTN system.

With multiple accounts through our VSP – Mynetfone – we have reduced our telephone call costs to landlines and mobiles to less than one half of what they used to be.

The voice quality of the outgoing calls is extremely good. Only in rare circumstances is the sound degraded below an acceptable standard.

If you want to give it a test, call us on one of our DID numbers – +61 2 8213 2362 or +61 2 8214 6185. We don’t advertise these numbers, as we have kept our PSTN numbers active for incoming calls. It is no cheaper to call the DID numbers, but they WILL appear as the return call numbers when we call you.

In addition, we still have our Skype connection. If you have Skype installed, our number is “coloursdigital” – call us for free! If you haven’t got Skype then you should give it a try.


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