Printers are often the most eco•friendly people

The greatest irony of Google’s Paperless 2013 campaign is that the people who are involved in producing real, physical materials are often far more eco-conscious than those who work only in the digital cloud.

Can printing be sexy?

Recently, a focus of my reading and writing has been the dismal image that the Australian printing industry paints of itself.

How to use your spare time

Spare time? What spare time are you talking about??? Seriously, though, once in a while, a business lull gives you a chance to do what you otherwise don’t get to. Make the most of it, says David Evans. No matter what business you are in, I’m sure as a small business owner you never have […]

Help for small Aussie business

What do Aussie small businesses really need to be competitive? A recent article in Dynamic Business comments on the current state-of-the-nation when it comes to recognition of small business needs. The Australian printing industry, and indeed small Aussie printing companies, fall squarely in the scope of such a discussion. What do we need to do […]

Beat the stress

Yesterday (April 16th) was National Stress Awareness Day in the United States. For me, today (April 17th) was a day that I certainly didn’t need to be made more aware of STRESS – it was everywhere around me, and there is no question I felt it welling up inside me, too. Dealing with stress is […]

Should I blog more?

Can we learn something about blogging from words written 80 years ago? [one_third] [/one_third] [two_third_last] Dale Carnegie published a book almost 8 decades ago, the title of which has now become virtually immortalised in the world of business marketers – “How to win friends and influence people”. Not only is the title of his self-help […]

My first rant about digital printing in Australia

In late 2010, corporate advisors Ferrier Hodgson published a short paper entitled “Limited Edition? The future of Australian printing”. In essence, it was 4 pages of little more than doom and gloom, focussing on the decline in the number of businesses and in total revenue, industry-wide. However, they did highlight what they considered to be […]

The Steve Jobs way

Newsweek’s The Daily Beast published an interesting infographic on Steve Jobs and his supposed playbook for managing the creative process at Apple. The “10 Commandments of Steve” are: Go for perfect Tap the experts Be ruthless Shun focus groups Never stop studying Simplify Keep your secrets Keep teams small Use more carrot than stick Prototype […]

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