Good bye… and good luck!

Danny Nel, who has been at Colours for over 7 years, has decided to retire… in style.

Imagine our surprise yesterday, when Danny announced he had won Lotto and would retire after Christmas!

Last Saturday he took several old Lotto tickets to his local newsagent, hoping to collect a few extra dollars to supplement his weekend shopping. One ticket, that he had held onto for almost 5 months, turned out to be a major prize winner!


Danny is now planning to take a world trip after Christmas and spend Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. When he returns he wants to buy a car and invest in an apartment in Sydney.

Although it seems unlikely he will need to, he has offered to be available in 2008 for casual work: we may still see him from time to time.

Good luck Danny – it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. We are all thrilled that your retirement is now secure… but we will all miss you.


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